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Haggerty Hydro Graphics provides personalization of most all material surfaces acceptable to this process. Haggerty Hydro Graphics is a TWN Certified Process Facility, with a Master Decorator's License. Hydro graphics, also known as camo dipping, immersion printing, water transfer printing, water transfer imaging, cubic printing, or hydro dipping is the application of a decorative, durable film to a three-dimensional object. Haggerty Hydro Graphics is able to apply these hydrographic designs to hard wood, metal, plastic, rubber, glass, fiber glass, carbon fiber, taxidermy bone (skulls) and more. We offer a large array of patterns for our customers to choose from for personalizing most anything desired. Haggerty Hydro Graphics provides full service taxidermy skull cleaning with dermestid beetles or maceration, european mounts, camo dipped, or cleaned, degreased, and whitened.